To install Kinzi Workspace follow these steps:
  1. Click here to download Kinzi Workspace
  2. Install .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher click here
  3. Install SQL Server 2012 or higher click here
  4. Extract on your File System
    Kinzi Workspace
  5. In SQL Server Management Studio:
    1. Create a database named kinzi
    2. Go to KinziWorkspace folder, open kinzi.sql and Execute the code
  6. Go to KinziWorkspace/Token Generator folder then open KinziWorkspaceSetup.exe
    Follow the steps to generate Database Token and Private Key
    Kinzi Workspace
    Kinzi Workspace
  7. Go to KinziWorkspace/DataAccess folder, open Web.config and change the appSettings.
  8. Send the generated Private Key to to get your Kinzi Workspace License and Product Key
  9. Once you receive license.config file, download it and then go to KinziWorkspace/DataAccess folder and replace the old file. and replace the Product Key you recieve in DataAccess/Web.config
  10. in IIS 7 (or higher)
    1. Create a new website for KinziWorkspace folder
    2. Expand the Site
    3. Convert DataAccess folder into Application
    4. Convert Kinzi folder into Application
    Kinzi Workspace
  11. Open the Site you created in any Web Browser, use the credentials we sent to you to Login, then change the password
  12. Go back to SQL Server Management Studio, open kinzi database and go to _KinziWorkspaceDatabases table.
    Open the table and insert the database names you want to create applications for.
  13. Congrats! You are ready to build Kinzi Workspace Applications
    ** Its highly recommended to run Kinzi Workspace on HTTPS protocol